Azuran Tales: The Outpost

Hello, everyone! Welcome to our first entry in our dev blog! We want to give you a bird’s eye view for the concept of Azuran Tales: The Outpost.

Although the game is not a traditional RPG nor a simple management game it has significant elements from both as well as some interesting twists. The idea of the game revolves around exploring and spreading your influence across the Varam Kingdom. You start from a small outpost on the Northern Edge of the Kingdom and expanding your influence with the help of your Followers across the entire map.

Because nothing is as simple as that, you will be constantly face with harder and harder challenges, stronger enemies, and larger dungeons to explore.

So far, there are 4 main systems the game revolves around:

  • Base and Followers management: recruit, equip, and manage your Followers. Take care of their morale, craft them new and powerful items, expand and upgrade your Outpost’s buildings for all sorts of bonuses.
  • Missions are a passive, hands-off element of the game, where you send your Followers on various quests and await their return with the desired loot… or news of their demise.
  • Adventures – the RPG, hands-on part of the game, where you take the lead of a team of followers to explore various dungeons in search for riches or just the quickest exist.
  • Kindom Map – expand your influence across the Varam Kingdom with the aim of spreading your reach across the whole map.

The story driven campaign follows our hero, Captain Herviand, as he expands his influence from the small outpost at the edge of the map, where he is tasked to lead his Followers into victory against the demonic army threatening the kingdom.

In our future post we will try and bring more light to the various systems of the game and hint on how the player can make the best use of them.


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