Systems Overview: Follower Management

Hello and welcome back to our developer blog.

With the Crafting and Alchemy taken care of, we decided to focus back on the core of the game and actually finish the Follower Management system. It was in the works for some time, but since it’s a more complex system involving a number of screens and various functionalities it took a little longer than we expected, especially when it came to squashing all the bugs. But now it’s almost completed and we’re ready to present it. So, here it goes:

The BARRACKS – this is where you manage the gear and skills of your Followers;

“Lucky Dog” INN – here you can go and recruit more Followers for your ranks;

“Moon Flower” BURROW – the special place your Followers use to recover morale;

Together, these 4 systems cover everything the player needs to keep his Followers at their best and ready for all the challenges the game will throw at them. And now for a more detailed view of each element of the system:

The BARRACKS: the heart and soul of the Follower Management system, it’s the place where you can equip your troops with the newest weapons you crafted, the most powerful potions, and special items found in the dungeons they conquered. You can also see in this screen your Follower’s level, stats, status, and the abilities they have unlocked. Not all of a Follower’s abilities are unlocked at start. Just as it is in life, more power comes with experience… and level.

“Lucky Dog” INN – the inn has always been, since the dawn of history, the place to meet interesting new people, so it’s only natural the inn is the place to go to when you need to recruit more Followers for your ranks. The screen is designed to show the player all the information needed, be it class, stats, unlocked abilities, special abilities, and of course cost. You didn’t think a skilled mercenary will provide his services for free, did you?

In case you’re in a hurry to hunt some monsters or raid some dungeon and just don’t have the desired Followers in the Inn at a certain moment, you can, at any time, throw a party and attract new Followers, just bear in mind too much partying can get expensive.

All that adventuring and fighting will wear down your troops morale and with morale going down everything else follows, including Follower stats and combat efficiency. The best way to recover your troops morale is to send them to the “Moon Flower” BURROW for some rest and relaxation, actually it’s the only way, if we think of something new in the future we’ll let you know. As with every building there’s only so much room, so you should plan your Followers’ stay carefully or upgrade the place. Yeah, you will be able to do that, we’ll discuss more about upgrading buildings in a later post, for the time being the goblins are hard at work on those systems.

With the hope that this post brought some light on how our follower management system works, until next time we’ll just leave you wondering about everything we left out of this presentation.

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